Welcome to the Royal Horticultural Society of Victoria’s web site, linking people and their love of plants. It is a pleasure for me to represent the Society as its Patron. There are many forms of expression in gardening and floral arranging; I welcome them all and invite you to use this web site to find your interest and to gain advice.

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The Royal is Celebrating its 165th Birthday.

Since its establishment  in 1848 the Royal has been a critical element in the development of horticulture  in Victoria and Australasia. It has been the catalyst for many developments and a central figure supporting and promoting amateur horticulture and gardening.It continues to provide services and support to the gardening community Australia wide.

Throughout the year we will have events and functions to celebrate the milestone.

Join with us to mark the occasion and to recognise that though 165 years old the Royal is a timeless organization and is as relevant today as it was in 1848.